Hammered from Behind

Sunday, August 26, 2007 / Posted by Rambo /

After an hour of surfing the point at Mooloolaba this morning a big one finally got me. Another broken iako and a rescue by one of our own ..... "Lemmo" and his daughter on a double ski.

Good news is, i had the GoPro video running to capture it all to keep you buggas entertained.

Thanks Lemmo and Mick Smith for driving me and my canoe back to the club house.

Here's the Video

Or right click and save a better copy to your computer here

Here's some snapshots from the video

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Comment by Unknown on August 27, 2007

Great video,

thanks for San Diego

keep them coming

Comment by Mindy on August 27, 2007

Very cool rambo. I like that camera angle on the front of the canoe looking back.

Comment by KIALOA Paddles on August 28, 2007

Fun video! Thanks for taking our paddle out on your adventure. I added a post about your video and a link to your blog at KIALOA's Blog.
Cheers, Amy
KIALOA Paddles

Comment by Rambo on August 28, 2007

Michael, more on the way, thanks for your support from San Diego.

Mindy, Multiple AngleCam coming, learning all the time.

Amy, yes i love my Kialoa Axel-2, very durable which is what i need hahaaa. Thanks for the link.

Cheers All

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