King of the Coast 2010

Tuesday, November 02, 2010 / Posted by Rambo /

A Moffat's Run is always a lot of fun, i've done hundreds of them. Yes this is my home run and the King of the Coast race took this route. What an awesome race between Jeremy Cotter and Ben Allen with one second separating them at the finish-line. That wasn't the only battle though, with Ken Wallace and youngster Corey Hill dicing all the way. Make sure you watch the battles right to the end,it's worth it. Of course i had the "box-seat" following and filming from a Jetski on an adrenaline high. Ya wouldn't be dead for quids.

Filmed entirely by Ocean Sports Media

Enjoy the video
Cheers Rambo

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Anonymous on November 03, 2010

That battle was epic

Anonymous on November 03, 2010

I just put the kids to bed, got myself a cup of tea, a comfy chair, then sat and enjoyed this awesome video. Thanks again.

Greg Erofeyeff

Anonymous on November 04, 2010

mean worth the watch all the way to the line

Greg C. on November 10, 2010

Awesome job Rambo! That was some great footage.

I have no idea what this means..."Ya wouldn't be dead for quids", but I figure it means you had a good time. I need to get my Aussie to USA tranlator :).

Greg C.
San Clemente, CA

Comment by John Wilksch on February 06, 2011

Hey!, great images there Rambo (King of the Coast-Nov 10). Was that shop on a Hero HD? Cheers, Fossil.

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