Vaka Eiva 2008 Video Series

Sunday, March 29, 2009 / Posted by Rambo /

This week I'm going to start posting the video's from Vaka Eiva 2008 starting with the Womens 12k OC1 Race.
The Series contains -

  • Women Oc1, Oc6 Iron and changeover race
  • Men Oc1 - Oc6 iron and changeover race
  • Sprints, Blessings and presentations
  • Fun and Games and the Boiler Swim.
http://www.vakaeiva.comThe race committee are now calling for nominations for this years Event, for all entry info go to the Vaka Eiva website

Here is the first video in the Series, The Womens 12k OC1 Race



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