Nappy & Konedobu Kanu Klab @ Hamo 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 / Posted by Rambo /

It was a pleasure to have Hawaiian legend Nappy Napoleon steer our crew from Papua New Guinea - Konedobu Kanu Klab at the 2009 Hamilton Cup. How many people can say they took this line along the bottom of Dent Island and got away with? He truly deserves the title "Channel Master" after 52 Molokai Hoe Crossings. Thank you Nappy, Anona and grandson Rigg, we enjoyed your company. Also thank you to Brendon and the Boys of the KKK , i think we all learnt something eh.

Cheers Rambo

It's also on Youtube in good Quality

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Comment by clarkie on July 15, 2009

Nice one Cecil, that looked like alot of fun.

Jenn on July 15, 2009

How awesome was that, what a legend!!

Jenn on July 15, 2009

Rambo, I like your new motif on the stern!!

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