Sq Series Race 1

Sunday, August 19, 2007 / Posted by Rambo /

Ok, this next Vid will have you fired up for the next downwinder at Coffs, it's a beauty. For those with a slow broadband connection just start the video go have a cuppa and allow it download to your computer first, then replay it uninterrupted.

Turn up the audio

This was condensed down from 54 mins of footage that ran out before the finish, but it captures the best what was available. I love it.

If it won't play for you go here http://blip.tv/file/344937

To download right click and save http://blip.tv/file/get/Rambooc1-SqSeriesRace1561.wmv

The top guns are all just in front of me .. watch them go.
Enjoy ... Rambo



Comment by Dukey R.D. on August 19, 2007

Hulis, full contact turns, upwind slog-downwind surf, cool music and laughing til you snort (!?!?).
I think you got it all.
Really good stuff mate.

Can you make a full screen option?

Be safe,

Anonymous on August 20, 2007

Fantastic Rambo,
When I can't find the time to go paddling I'll tune into your site. ...was that a dorsal fin I saw in there?

Comment by . on August 20, 2007

Great stuff Rambo, we just finished our Iron Championships race up here in Canada...much flatter water... looks like you had some great runs!


Comment by Rambo on August 20, 2007

Yldbill, i have DVD quality in full screen size but the file would be huge to upload/download. If you go to the link http://blip.tv/file/344937
you can select full screen option next to the word "share" at the bottom right hand of the screen. Thanks for your comment.

Bob, don't freak me out with that shark fin stuff, i'm not even going to look just in case you're right. Haha R

Roscoe, yes there were some great little run to be had but you had to work for them. That run is our "mini Maliko" (after the famous Maui run) and on big days it's a blast. Hope you have a great coming OC6 season.

Cheers Rambo

Anonymous on August 20, 2007

Bonjour from Montréal.

Wow! I really enjoyed this.

I would like to know who is the first band we hear and what is the video editing software you use.



Anonymous on August 20, 2007

G'Day, Love the flick but I also love Bimbo World, Been there in OC world but as an older guy they look to be so much work to move, I'll stay with the Surfski world.
Thank You Cheers Joseph

Anonymous on August 21, 2007

Awesome Rambo,I need to kick your butt now otherwise Ill never get on Rambocam. Great stuff. MAHALO 57

Comment by Rambo on August 21, 2007

Richard, bonjour mon ami, bon entendre de vous.

The Band is "The Porcupine Tree" and the track is "Blackest Eyes" great song eh from a fabulous band.
I use Sony Vegas6 editing software.

Joseph, check back often some surfski stuff coming.

Mahalo57,no need to kick my butt, next time i will have a Cam facing the rear to capture you ... hahaaa.

Cheers All

Comment by Mindy on August 22, 2007

Yeah! Great to see some more video from you Rambo. I really enjoy watching all your great footage. Keep them coming.

Comment by Rambo on August 22, 2007

I'm just a crazy amateur, you da Queen of video Mindy.

Cheers Rambo

Comment by Dukey R.D. on August 27, 2007

Mahalos for sharing the BlipTV site!
Way more fun full-screen!
Who's on the Peg in front of you?

My wife lost it with the "Bimbo Girl" song...absolutely Her-sterical stuff!

So how many spare Hurricane iakos do you own?

Can't wait to meet you...one of these days.
A Hui Ho,

Comment by Rambo on August 28, 2007

Yldbill, the guy on the Peggy is Darren Humberstone, soon to be a Mooloolaba club member.

"Bimbo" at first i thought it might be a bit disrespectful but most people are ok with it, obviously your wife was, it is funny eh.

Total 5 iakos now ...hahaaa.

The States are definately on my TooGo list, Eric Mc. has even offered me use of a Fuze, now how can i not go. Ctach up one day my friend.

Cheers Rambo

Anonymous on September 03, 2007

Hey Rambo, any chance you can set this video up so I can download a better copy to my computer like you did with the wipeout. Would be great to see them on my widescreen TV.

Comment by Dukey R.D. on September 09, 2007

If you come out to the east coast during our Labor Day Weekend (1 Sept, same weekend as the Lili) I will up the ante and get you in an OC-6 for the Kent Island Relay.
If you prefer to go OC-1, my Peg is at your disposal.
Check out the Mad Gringo's web site for his take on the K.I. Relay weekend (and his really cool shirts)...http://blog.madgringo.com

If that won't work for you, our house is always open here in Sandbridge!

Comment by Rambo on September 10, 2007

Yldbill, love the Mad Gringo and his outlook on life in general. The shirts are Fab as well. The "Go Slow" message is a good one, but i like to "Go Slow" fast, i think maybe you do too, especially on an OC1. Hahaaaa.

Looks like you keep good company over there, fun loving friends with a crazy attitude, i can certainly relate too that. My home is also yours if you're ever in this "neck of the woods". Kent Is relay is on the to do list just have to tie it in with some other races, probably Lili. As well as Oc1 season here, I'm preparing for a 404km 5 day river race in an OC2, decked out as who else but Rambo, my partner is dressing up as the notorious "Chopper Read", you have probably seen the movie. The race is a fund raiser for the Red Cross, details of the race are here ..

Be good my friend and wear those "Mad Gringo" shirts often.

Cheers Rambo

Anonymous on September 11, 2007

Hi Rambo,
Love it. Is this still your original Go Pro?

Comment by Rambo on September 12, 2007

Yes AL, same GoPro Cam. I have 2 more coming so i can capture different angles at the same time.

Cheers Rambo

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