First Review of Pegasus

Thursday, October 25, 2007 / Posted by Rambo / comments (12)

Fellow Pegasus new owners, you are gunna love this canoe.

The first thing you notice is you sit IN the canoe not ON it, so you are closer to the water. It's also very comfortable, and the seat shape hugs your butt both sides and at the rear, which gives good control and feedback in a bumpy ocean. Ama feels light and lifts easily out of the water with a quick hip throw and balances just above the water without bracing with your paddle on the right.

Upwind performance is as good as the Hurricane, but it does it in a different way. Instead of punching through the waves, it pops over the top (but doesn't launch) and lands without a slap on the other side.

Downwind, this is where this canoe shines ... it drops in easy and earlier with less effort, once it has momentum it just keeps going and really surprises you how easily it bridges numerous bumps without loosing speed. It tracks straight, even when sitting on the crest and doesn't want to broach. The downwind performance is the main reason i decided this canoe was right for me. With it's ability to drop earlier and easily, it gives more time for you to select the path to the next bump. (i lent the canoe to Johnno for 10 mins to do a run downwind and i won't say what he called me but i accept it was a term of endearment that men call each other when they approve of something only you have)

The Peggie doesn't respond all that well to quick short strokes (like the Hurricane does) so it lacks quick acceleration, it does however respond to long hard strokes and continues too run-on, negating its lack of acceleration. ( i would still use my Hurricane in sprint races on flat water)

Build quality and finish is excellent, you can hardly see the seams. Stiff as, but like all Divinycell foam core canoes, will dent easily. Iakos are easy to fit into the Ama and Canoe slots and were number matched at the factory, so don't exchange Iakos between canoes.

Steering response, the Pegasus will throw you off, if you chuck a full rudder at speed, extremely directional. Ama is very close to the main hull compared to a Hurricane, about 200mm closer. Occasionally i hit the ama with the paddle , but this is just an indication i need to tighten up my recovery stroke.

The Pegasus will reward a good surfing type paddler and improve an ordinary one. The Hurricane is still in my opinion the fastest canoe for young, strong, skilled paddlers, (which I'm not) but the Peggie for me, helps overcome the loss of explosive strength you experience after 50 and allows me more time to make skill type decisions like bump chasing.

Be very interested in hearing what the other new Peggie owners think when they get their canoe.

I wasn't able to take photos of the unloading etc .. but it was a pleasure to bust the security lock on the container and be the first to peak inside (no little China-men jumped out) .... Awesome seeing all those canoes in one place and having the opportunity to unload them all.

You can read my prep- purchase reasons for selecting the Pegasus here ...

Well here she is in all her Glory. .... Just blessed wearing her floral wreath as witnessed by a couple of pelicans prior to being put through her paces in good upwind/downwind conditions.

Click photos to enlarge

What do you think ... please leave a comment below

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Peggies Born Tomorrow

Tuesday, October 23, 2007 / Posted by Rambo / comments (0)

Won't sleep tonite, Peggie arrives in the morning at 5.00am. Have not been this excited since my first born kid 25 years ago. Think I've even waited 9 months too. Don't know about everyone else, but i have always had an emotional attachment to my canoes, i still have my 1st one, born 1991, just can't bring myself to sell them as their part of the family.

Just like babies, canoes have there own personality and faults ... some leak, some go off track, some wallow, but all you can do is guide them in the right direction and hope the manufacturer has done his/her job.

After a 3 week trip from China and in the close company of 74 brothers and sisters, Peggies probably looking forward to wetting her nose. First things first though, she must be blessed and named and introduced to the family, then taken out to Carty's and shown the dangers. Might have to take Huri also, as he knows the dangers at Carty's more than me, having been sacrificed on the rocks and reborn earlier in the year. I think Huri knows somethings happening, he's been performing fantastic over the last few weeks.

I'll be at the birthing chamber (shipping container) first thing in the morning to help Chris with the delivery, so will get to see all the brothers and sisters. Yes i will take photos of them and post them here tomorrow night. ... after i have got Peggies bum wet.

Cheers Rambo


Moffat Run - The Video

Saturday, October 20, 2007 / Posted by Rambo / comments (1)

You want lines ..... this video has more lines than the movie "Scarface"

I've upped the Quality on this one, so the file is bigger but worth it. These runs are super fast.

As always, let it download first before playing for stutter free playback.

Turn up the sound, snort a line and enjoy the ride

Play here for full screen size

or Download WMV file here and play on your computer offline.

As posted by me on Ausoutrigger Forum about the above run.

Just a quick report as i'm tired.

The short story is it was awesome, but a handful. Andy took Carties very close and got cleaned up. Slossie's gone in to help him and gets hit with a rogue wave and his canoe (borrowed from Katey) goes up on the rocks. Toddy and i go to rescue Slossie and Andy, retrieve them ok. Amanda turns up and says a few choice words to Andy. In the mean time the others start to arrive and we do a head count. Johnnos missing. Toddy and i wait until dark on the water at Carties (impossible to attempt to paddle back) ... still no Johnno. Amanda finds Andy's canoe in the bay at Mooloolaba and paddles 2 canoes stacked on top of each other back to the rivermouth, one leg straddled over each and in 25 kt winds draw stroking because she cannot steer either.

Andrew and Slossie retrieve the canoe from the rocks (has holes in it but still in one piece) and we all return to the club compound in the dark to find still no Johnno. Just a i hopped in the car to notify coast guard, Johnno walks across the road from the beach with canoe on shoulder and half a paddle. Apparently it broke at Currimundi reef less than half way into the Moffat run. He paddled the remainder with 1 foot of shaft.

All 16 canoes accounted for and we all go home relieved. I'm in awe that all the girls on the run handled the conditions like true waterwoman. That was a mean ocean out there.

Have 2 hrs of quality video and looks awesome.

I'm going to bed.

Please leave a comment below

Cheers Rambo


Mooloolaba - Noosa Run

Saturday, October 13, 2007 / Posted by Rambo / comments (0)

As Posted on Ausoutrigger in reply to Johnno

Johng wrote:I think the Rambo report might be a bit delayed today - the old fella is a bit shagged after a Mooloolaba - Noosa run with lighter winds than expected.

Just woke up from a "self induced coma" Johnno, and shagged is probably not the right word, ... rooted is a more likely description. Can't explain just yet why, as i felt fine during the paddle and for 20 mins after. Might have something to do with the "effects" of a dirty camelbak bladder that i sampled last nite before going to bed. My arse fell off twenty minutes later and i may have gone into the run sightly dehydrated or depleted of my last meal before bed.

Clarkie, you were spot on with the 80 year old "look" comment earlier, that's how i feel.

An interesting symptom is painfully sore eyes and sensitivity to sunlight, so this may give a clue. (going through medical books as we speak)

Yeah we did get lighter than expected winds, but it was still a good run . Can't believe that after 38 kms, Johnno and i converged, after taking different lines, to within 50 metres of each other. As Johhno said , Why didn't we just flip a coin and stay home and suck "Dukes".

The baby Humpback and mother just off the river mouth at Mooloolaba where we started the run, was a nice way to kick it off (see photos below). Andy, Toddy and Thor straight away went way out to the right looking for the wind line, Johnno and i elected to follow the coastline more but still apart, and not risk the chance of the wind turning more westerly and having to paddle with the wind too far on the Ama side. As it turned out the wind did swing more southerly later in the run and would have handed them a better run line after Perigian bck.

When we dropped the trailer and car off at Noosa at 4.00am the ocean was flatter than the bottom of a "Mirage Oc6 hull". ..... Shit ... Toddy rang from his bed to inquire about the conditions not long after and didn't have the heart to tell him .. but Mr WindGuru came good and we had a surprisingly good run with lot's of linkages and periods where the wind was up our back.

Breakfast and a few beers at "The Fish Cafe" at the Mooloolaba Spit put end to a good morning work and i arrived home to a welcome from Mrs Rambo saying " bloody hell, you look 80"

Next run is Wednesday 17th, trailer is leaving Mooloolaba at 3.30 PM .. a Moffats Run, and looks like being a "harry boomer" according to WindGuru.

Camelbak is in the friggin' wheelie bin.

Cheers Rambo

Click pictures to enlarge

Whale in Mooloolaba Bay shot while paddling

Actual wind in Knots below


SQ OC1 Series Race 3 - Video

Monday, October 08, 2007 / Posted by Rambo / comments (1)

This was pretty much the perfect race for me, paddled at just over AT (Anaerobic Threshold) for the entire race and still had a kick at the end. Also happy with the route, but possible could have stayed slightly wider on entering the bay, although everyone else was inside me so they probably covered more ground than i did.

Being on very shallow water the wind runners were so fast and plentiful, but to take full advantage you had to surf and paddle hard to skip from bump too bump. To surf left, you had to take a sweep to the right most of the time to round a hump then fall into the next trough and if you realized this early in the race you could make ground on paddlers who were slow to cotton on. Definitely the time spent in the bumps over the last few weeks honed my skills, that's for sure and most likely contributed to me coming in 4th overall.

I'm definately in top condition at the moment(as planned). All the signs are there, ripped like a body builder jumping out of your skin feeling, no fatigue at high boat speed and heart rate etc. After the Gold Coast Cup in 3 weeks time i will start to prepare for the Red Cross Murray River Marathon, 404 kms over 5 days in an OC2, we're going for the record.

Enough of that .. here's the race stats and video.

And the Video

This ones a little larger than normal but it's longer, better Quality and has pre - race interviews and multiple camera angles. The Full size DVD is Awesome Quality. The full OC1 Series will all be available one day on a DVD so you can all watch on your big screen TV's.

As always, let it play or download, have a cuppa, then play from cache. Or download/play in full screen at the optional link.

Or play - download in better quality here.
Windows Media format....
Or play full screen from my dashboard ....

Enjoy, hope you like it.

Cheers Rambo


Big Ocean on Mooloolaba Bay

Tuesday, October 02, 2007 / Posted by Rambo / comments (1)

Download or play full screen here

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Rigging - Rambo Style

Tuesday, October 02, 2007 / Posted by Rambo / comments (0)

Download or play full screen here

Fast Bumps

Tuesday, October 02, 2007 / Posted by Rambo / comments (2)

Just a simple portion of a free session.

Download or play full screen here

The Gold Coast Desalination Series Surfski - OC 2 Video

Monday, October 01, 2007 / Posted by Rambo / comments (4)

The Gold Coast Desalination Series is a 26.15km Surfski /OC Race run by Paul Mauger, Rowdy Carter and Jody Zerbst and this was the 3rd race in the Series. The participants in this race read like a who's who of Surfski paddling in Australia ... just a couple of the names from the final results ...

Ken Wallace

Fenn 01:37:52
Dean Gardner

Fenn 01:38:12
Rob Pomie

Fenn 01:38:14
Jeremy Cotter

XLR8 01:39:20
Peter Ridley

V10 01:39:56
Guy Andrews

V10 01:41:09
Mick Waide

V10 01:42:33
Mike Murray

RED 7 01:42:39
Trent Robinson

V10 01:43:27
Ian Rowlings

Stealth Spec 01:44:00
Brad Stokes

V10 01:44:24
Rob Dorrough

V10 01:45:32
Matt Carter

RED 7 01:46:36
Jody Zerbst

Fenn 01:47:12

Rambo and Partner in crime Rod Clarkie from Echuca in Victoria (up holidaying with his family at Mooloolaba) decided we would do the race on a Zulu OC2 made by Zulu Surf Spears on the Gold Coast Qld, the idea being to have some fun and give the Skis a run for their money.

The wind surprised us all and blew 15 - 20kts N - NE ... purrrfect for surfing conditons all the way to Currimbin. 26.15kms in 2 hrs 10 mins

Clarkie and i decided to take the longer shoreline route and have fun catching bumps in the OC2 rather than race for placing..... And catch bumps we did, as can be seen in the video below.

I had two Cams running ... one on the front Ama pointing rearwards at Clarkie and one on the rear Ama pointing forwards. At the start of the video you can see us catch Mark (from Zulu Surfspears) and he follows us most of the way.

You can clearly see the enjoyment on Clarkies face when we take the run of the day at the end of the video, or was that left over from Geelongs (footy Grand Final) win on Saturday? :roll: We had hundreds of runs like this the whole way and some big SAVES. Just to keep Clarkie happy we even portaged 200metres crossing the bar at Currumbin Ck (low tide).

Big thanks to Mrs Clarkie and the kids for being our land based escorts and picking us up at the other end .. top lady you got there Clarkie and 3 very patient teenage daughters also. And thank you too Clarkie for being my able Co-pilot.

Enough of that, here's the vid and our race statistics.

Cheers Rambo

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