Rambo & Thor Get Smashed Oc1 Surfing

Monday, May 14, 2007 / Posted by Rambo /

Be careful what you wish for ... mine was to capture images of OC1 surfing and possible wipeouts on my new waterproof video camera.

After a full morning surfing awesome swells in Mooloolaba Bay, Rambo and Thor succumb to a large peaking wave that cleans up both of them and put's two Hurricanes out of action. The whole thing was captured on video, including the awesome surfing session. These are the highlights and lowlights of the Mothers Day we should have spent at home. .... only kidding we loved every minute of it. But it was a costly exercise.

Watch it all unfold before you on this latest video of mine.


Comment by Mindy on May 15, 2007

Once again great footage. Looks like it was all worth it. Wish i was there the waves look really fun. I was out surfing a Mooloolaba OC6 a couple of years ago with Sue Neil Sheard out there and had a blast! I think that Ron was also out that day with us.

Comment by Rambo on May 15, 2007

Thanks Mindy, yes we like to support our local Hurricane spare parts supplier .. $$$$$... hahaaa.

I hope the course language doesn't offend anyone; we Aussies can be a bit crude.

Cheers Rambo

Comment by Pat on May 15, 2007

hey rambo, great blog.

whats the surf report for the next weekend? expect a contingent of brissy guys picking up where you left off!


Comment by Rambo on May 15, 2007

It always goes flat when you guy's come up. Hahaaaa

Thanks Waha


Anonymous on May 15, 2007

Hey you guys were not the only crash dummies that day,Moo and I from Brizzie stacked our two man and split the ama,unbeknown to us we kept surfing
until it was bought to our attention and kicked off the water by the unhappy owner Ha Ha

Comment by Rambo on May 18, 2007

Hey Laverys, you won't be laughing when he sends you the bill. Hahhaaaa


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