The Saltwater Festival 2010 - Video

Monday, May 17, 2010 / Posted by Rambo /

"Aussie Aloha" ... that's the best way i can describe The Saltwater Festival.

When Trevor Hendy and his Team invite Ocean Lovers for two days of Paddling, Music, Food, Family and Fun, the likes of Jamie Mitchell, Dean Gardiner, Shannon Eckstein, Ky Hurst, Greg Long, Chris Maynard, Woogie Marsh, Paul Jackson, Allison Fullagar and many others, find the appeal irresistible.

SUP, Ski, Outrigger, Paddleboard, Beach Volleyball, ThunderCats, The Saltwater Festival has it all.

"Chris Maynard" - one of the best Downwind paddles i have ever done ....

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Anonymous on May 18, 2010

Rambo - great coverage Geoff Dews

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