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Monday, November 10, 2008 / Posted by Rambo / comments (0)

I was to fit a "GoPro Wide Angle" to a new Aussie Tahitian Va'a at a race on the weekend, but Travis Grant paddled his Hurricane instead, too rough for a Va'a, + it has no bulkheads yet, so it fills up with water. Had the wide angle level with the rear Iako on his Hurricane directly behind him. That is less than a meter away from his back and you could swear it was mounted at the rudder, it's that wide. He and Danny Sheard had a humdinger downwind battle, neither getting away from the other till the very end. Danny was in the picture the whole time. Only problem, with the huge lens, sunlight caused the inside to fog up after 15 mins on both Cams, so need additional anti fogging, plus it was extremely humid that day. No shit, these are the way to go if i can sort out a few little problems.

The Hamo Cup 42km DVD will Premier at Vaka Eiva on the big screen at "Jacks" ( if Victoria will let me) it's frigging awesome, be a classic.

Heaps to do before i fly out fly out Thurs to fulfill my commitment to film Vaka Eiva, including finishing the underwater housing for the new 1080i Hi Def Cam, this thing will blow your mind, the pics are stunning on my HD TV, as good as the HD channel on TV, now i'm broke again. :cry:

I will put the footage of Travis up when i return from Vaka Eiva. Also I have a new filming Gig in Western Australia shooting Multiple OC1 World Champion Karel Tresnak Jnr in Dean Gardiner's Perth World Cup. Karel has given me permission the put Go Pros on his Zephyr OC1 and i will be filming him from my own (Colin Bartley's - Outrigger Connection Aussie Distributor) media boat in Hi Def, this will be very interesting footage.

Heaps of other stuff happening more later ...........

Cheers Rambo

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