Moolooaba Masters at Gold Coast Cup 2008 - The Movie

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 / Posted by Rambo /

This was a challenge, to film and paddle in a 9 man change over race and focus 100% on the paddling. I shot all the footage myself and I’m rapt in the fact that i gave all for my crew and still managed to capture great shots. I had 3 hours of footage to edit, and this is condensed down too 11 minutes. Apologize for leaving out some of the results as that was all i had confirmed.

Do yourself a favor and download the HQ version and have a permanent copy on your PC. (93meg)

Or play the LQ version below or larger size here

Cheers Rambo (PS Turn up the sound)

Unofficial Results were
Overall Men

1st Outtrigger Aus - open
2nd Northcliffe - open
3rd Northern Beaches - open
4th Mooloolaba - Masters
5th Team Xylo - Masters

Overall Women

1st Southport YC
2nd Mooloolaba

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