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There has been a number of people asking for info on a suitable race or two to do on their first trip to Hawaii as a paddler.

I can highly recommend two races run on consecutive weekends on Maui, the Maliko - Kahului run which usually has 140 paddlers participating as a short course (25Kms) or choose the long course run at the same time Keanae - Kahului (38kms). Yep you get to paddle through the tow-in area of "Jaws" in the bargain and experience waterfalls into the ocean along the race route and then a week later the Starbucks 42km Maui-Molokai, with a ferry ride back to Maui for $22. All the top paddlers use this race as a lead-up to the Molo Relay two weeks later and the best news is, you don't need individual support boats, but there are safety craft on the course, so it's low cost.

Thor and i did these 2 races last year and had no trouble sourcing canoes to borrow or rent thanks to the fabulous Don Mehling and Rob Philips. We actually caused a bit of a stir as I won the 50+ Division and Thor placed 2nd 30-39 Division so they now know who we are. Rowdy (Matt Carter) and Longy (Greg Long) have also done these races.

Check out the cool medal Maui style with flashing lights. haha .. I luv it.

Mid week you can fly back to Oahu for some shopping and visit Outrigger Canoe Club etc.

To see what you're missing out on watch this video (at the bottom of this post) of the Maliko - Kahului run complete with tribal drums at the finish line and a top meal and presentation.

About half way through the video you will see some excellent oc1 surfing by Kai Bartlett in moderate conditions for Maui (look for the yellow oc1, no shirt, red hat )
What more could you want ... Two downwind races on consecutive weekends, low cost, great local people, easy to rent/borrow canoes, car hire $15 a day, heaps too do (volcano, scuba, drink, chill out.... etc.)

The Maui race schedule is here
and the race history and results here

And the video .. it's a long one but worth the download.

Or watch full screen from here

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Anonymous on November 19, 2007

seems like a free adverstisement for pegasus canoes what are you riding there rambo

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