Caveman Vs The Carrot

Tuesday, April 07, 2009 / Posted by Rambo /

Had to post this before i go away. It's the very funny "Caveman" vs The Carrot footage from the Mooloolaba National titles.

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Comment by Lats on April 08, 2009

the boys were right , that is funny. Lats

Comment by Unknown on April 08, 2009

After a few beers on Saturday night, it was even FUNNIER

Anonymous on April 12, 2009

You gotta give it to this crew. They went from 3rd last after hitting that carrot to come back to 12th over all, out of 33, and 5th in their category.

MattyB on April 17, 2009

Just wish you had the footage of Raf hanging off the side of the bouy! From where I was sitting, a few boats back, it was one of the funniest sights I'd ever seen!

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