Gopro Waterproof Still & Video Camera

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NEW MODEL GoPro3 - 3 Mega pixel Video and Still Camera (click to enlarge)

I have ordered this little Waterproof Still & Video Camera for trial. It's cheap ... $AU 220 delivered and if the reports from a fellow gadget lover are correct, this is a little beauty and far exceeds it's previous little brother. Here are the specs ....

This will be perfect for using on the OC1/2 or OC6, and apparently it takes excellent underwater video and stills as well. No conversion needed to upload to a computer for editing, just plug in to a USB port and the files are loaded straight to your desktop ready for editing in TV quality resolution.

I'm hoping to receive it before the Nationals so i can give it a good workout and post a review here later in the week.

In the mean time check out the Quality in this 10 sec video shot with the camera, it also records sound.


Cheers Rambo

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Koa Tree Selection and Retrieval

Thursday, April 19, 2007 / Posted by Rambo / comments (6)

Watch how a Koa tree is selected for an OC6 Canoe and manhandled down Mt Haleakala on Maui. Incredible team work required and very exciting watching the log slide down the mountain under control.
Rambo's Comment - and you blokes thought packing canoes on a trailer for hammo was hard work!

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Surfing Road Rage

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 / Posted by Rambo / comments (3)

Watch this crazy guy checking out the Surf spots on the Nth Shore Hawaii in record time. Crazy stuff.

Turn up your sound volume firs

Makaha 2006 - mindblowing OC4 action

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Outrigger Connection Fuze - My Review.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007 / Posted by Rambo / comments (2)

I promised to give my thoughts on the Outrigger Connection Fuze so here it is.

Before I do just a little disclaimer.. I currently own and paddle a Hurricane which I love. I don’t have any connection to any Manufacturer nor am I lucky or good enough to be sponsored, so my opinion is pure and just that, my opinion.

My interest in the Fuze started at about the same time as I bought my Hurricane, 12 months ago. It wasn’t available in Aust. then so was crossed off the list.

I knew Lisa Curry Kenny paddled one in Hawaii and actually brought it back with her so I had seen it on the ocean at Mooloolaba and questioned her about it.

My interest was rekindled when in Hawaii in April this year to do 2 iron oc1 races on Maui. In between the two races I had 4 days on Oahu and visited Karels factory at Kailua to demo the Fuze and had morning tea with Karel snrs lovely wife Marcella.
They had both Hawaiian and Chinese made Fuzes available and you could not pick the difference.

I took the Fuze to local waters and paddled in various conditions for the rest of afternoon.
I was quite impressed with the wave catching ability of the canoe; it seemed to drop in on the wave easily and had extremely responsive rudder control. No pearling of the nose was another noticeable attribute. On flat water I felt that it did not have the speed of a Hurricane, but without a Hurricane there to trial it was at best a guess. Comfortable, I could have paddled it all day and the lower seat height allowed a closer to the water and straighter leg style of paddling that I like. I also like the looseness or slappiness of the Ama on the water which I believe is similar in action to the Puffy Ama on the oc6 Mirage.

Back to the present and the demo of the Fuze on Hammo.

Man straight-away I knew this was a different canoe. In fact it was Lisa’s Fuze from above. The only way I could describe the difference was that it was light-footed or loose on the water. The flat water speed felt much faster. In fact I was so excited about the performance of this canoe; I flipped twice in shallow water front of my Mooloolaba club mates and copped a huge serve from them. So Marty and Grant Kenny, Darren Mercer, Lemmo, my coach Danny Sheard and the others ¦…. Get Stuffed ¦I was just trying to see how light the Ama was, and it caught me by surprise.

Talking to Bart’s (Outrigger Connection Dealer in Australia) later about the canoe (actually I was trying to buy it) he confirmed that it was in fact Lisa’s Fuze and it was now his wife’s canoe. Further, it is also a Carbon- Carbon canoe not a Carbon-Kevlar like the ones currently for sale. Here’s the reason for the light footedness I experienced. It weighs full rigged 8.5kgs. I assume that it is a one off canoe and probably not covered by the normal warrantee as the Carbon-Kevlar product, and that’s completely understandable. But I want it.

So there you have it, an excellent canoe design and impressive all around performance.

If I had pick one thing negative it would be the non-adjustable seat, but you can slide fore and aft a few inches.

I now need two canoes, my Hurricane and a Fuze.

Cheers Rambo


Update on Hurricane Long Surfing Rudder

Monday, April 16, 2007 / Posted by Rambo / comments (0)

Lot's of paddlers have asked me for more info on the longer, slimmer and lighter surfing rudder that i have on my Hurricane and where they can purchase it from. It's actually an Outrigger Zone product (the maker of the Canoe) and while it did perform as i stated in an earlier post
it did not last very long, neither did the ones fitted to 2 other canoes belonging to my paddling buddy's.

The problem is the rudder is so thin at the shaft entry point that the carbon splits on both sides and water enters and delaminates the fibres. The rudder exterior takes on the appearance of shark skin and the complete rudder twists into an "s" shape, not very hydrodynamic in that shape i can assure you.
Cracked where shaft enters rudder

Not enough "meat" on either side of shaft

Two Rudders Side by Side (click for close up)

I'm sure Outrigger Zone are on to this and a better version will be available soon. I hope so because it really does make a difference to the canoes handling.



Hamilton Island Cup 2005

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The Race and the Party


Australian National Outrigger Titles Rant

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It appears that over the last few years the Australian National Outrigger Titles have lost their attraction for a lot of paddlers. Initially, i though it might have been the poor location choice or the fact that it is too close date-wise, to The Hamilton Island Cup. Now I'm not so sure. Why would crews train all year, race at zone regatta's and then come Nats time, not want to "bother"pitting themselves against the best crews the country has to offer. Is it fear of failure? Is it "if I'm not in the best team I'm not going"excuse? What is going on here?

The Nats should be about competing for your Club, to win the Club Championship. (yes there is such a thing) The smaller clubs must look in disbelief at the larger and more successful clubs and shake their heads at the pathetic turnout. They would love to be part of it and struggle to get numbers and equipment to the location, but they do it, and hats off to them.

Wake up you successful club crews and individuals, or one day you will be complaining about the loss of something you never supported.


New Surfboard Technology

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Aka and Tommy OC4 Wipeout

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Surf Boat Madness In Oz

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Va'a's Surf Really Well.

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Coffs Harbor OC1 Google Eth

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This 60 second video, is a GPS upload to Google Earth of the actual route i took in the 27km race.

OC2 Assault

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OC1 Dreaming

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OC1 Time Trial

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