Extreme Moffat Downwind Run

Monday, April 07, 2008 / Posted by Rambo /

With the Release of the Dume Run (OC1) video by Painteur and Cho and the Extreme Millers Run (surfski) by Rob Mousley, i felt i had to raise the bar again with a new video of the Moffat Run. Well i think i may have done it, it was awesome to do, but hey, you be the judge.

With bump chasing, trough runs, angle offs, linking and drops filmed in slo-mo and real time, this video could be used as instructional footage for downwind ocean racers wanting to learn more. It's all very clear to see the different techniques and did i have a ball paddling and editing this video. Anyway enough from me ... here it is.

Do yourself a favor and download the HQ version and have a permanent copy on your PC.

Or play the LQ version below

Cheers Rambo

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Anonymous on April 07, 2008

Good video, Can you repeat what the camera is?. I am in San Fancisco and we have some good down wind runs I would like to film.
How far out do you mount it.
Gary Kunsman

Anonymous on April 07, 2008

Wow! Very nice camera work (nice paddling, too!). Iako-vision gives a great perspective you don't get from head or hull mounted cameras. Especially liked some of the pearling shots with the spray arcing off the boat, and really liked the huli. Nice to see how smooth it is for a pro to remount.

MarshJ - Minnesota, US

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