Koa Tree Selection and Retrieval

Thursday, April 19, 2007 / Posted by Rambo /

Watch how a Koa tree is selected for an OC6 Canoe and manhandled down Mt Haleakala on Maui. Incredible team work required and very exciting watching the log slide down the mountain under control.
Rambo's Comment - and you blokes thought packing canoes on a trailer for hammo was hard work!

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Comment by Mindy on April 21, 2007

Glad to see another paddler showing us what is going on in Austraila. Keep it up. Look forward to checking your blog out on a regular basis.


Comment by Rambo on April 21, 2007

Thanks Mindy, i have been a regular visitor to your blog for some time now and it actually inspired me to start Blogging, so thank you for that.

Cheers Rambo

Anonymous on March 04, 2008

Mahalo for posting this video. I was one of those crazy guys pulling the Koa log down the mountain. I never new there was a video out. Thank you for the memories, and to "Fafa" thank you for our canoe - Ku koa manutea. Fafa will always be remembered.
Alika Asing

Comment by horace on May 04, 2008

Dear Rambo, this video really To shake my soul,simply exellent.

Anonymous on August 20, 2008

Thanks Rambo for posting our video! As the current coach for Kihei Canoe Club, it is such an honor to be involved with this club and especially Ku Koa Manutea. This canoe just came back from the state races on Oahu and we had a custom full cover made for it before putting it to rest for the off season. I have some other raw footage that may be of interest to you and with permission from the videographer, I'll see if we can send you a DVD.


Rob Phillips

Comment by Rambo on August 20, 2008

Hey Rob, good to hear from you. Your Hurricane fishing rig with big fish is posted somewhere on the blog too.

I like to think that video helps promote to new paddlers some of the culture attached to our sport, it is quite a popular play, receiving many hits.

Luv to have more footage if you can get for me.
Say hello to Don M for me.


Cheers Rambo

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