SQ OC1 Series Race 3 - Video

Monday, October 08, 2007 / Posted by Rambo /

This was pretty much the perfect race for me, paddled at just over AT (Anaerobic Threshold) for the entire race and still had a kick at the end. Also happy with the route, but possible could have stayed slightly wider on entering the bay, although everyone else was inside me so they probably covered more ground than i did.

Being on very shallow water the wind runners were so fast and plentiful, but to take full advantage you had to surf and paddle hard to skip from bump too bump. To surf left, you had to take a sweep to the right most of the time to round a hump then fall into the next trough and if you realized this early in the race you could make ground on paddlers who were slow to cotton on. Definitely the time spent in the bumps over the last few weeks honed my skills, that's for sure and most likely contributed to me coming in 4th overall.

I'm definately in top condition at the moment(as planned). All the signs are there, ripped like a body builder jumping out of your skin feeling, no fatigue at high boat speed and heart rate etc. After the Gold Coast Cup in 3 weeks time i will start to prepare for the Red Cross Murray River Marathon, 404 kms over 5 days in an OC2, we're going for the record.

Enough of that .. here's the race stats and video.

And the Video

This ones a little larger than normal but it's longer, better Quality and has pre - race interviews and multiple camera angles. The Full size DVD is Awesome Quality. The full OC1 Series will all be available one day on a DVD so you can all watch on your big screen TV's.

As always, let it play or download, have a cuppa, then play from cache. Or download/play in full screen at the optional link.

Or play - download in better quality here.
Windows Media format.... http://blip.tv/file/get/Rambooc1-SQOC1SeriesRace3Video479.WMV
Or play full screen from my dashboard .... http://blip.tv/file/417664

Enjoy, hope you like it.

Cheers Rambo



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Audio edited at your request.


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