The Gold Coast Desalination Series Surfski - OC 2 Video

Monday, October 01, 2007 / Posted by Rambo /

The Gold Coast Desalination Series is a 26.15km Surfski /OC Race run by Paul Mauger, Rowdy Carter and Jody Zerbst and this was the 3rd race in the Series. The participants in this race read like a who's who of Surfski paddling in Australia ... just a couple of the names from the final results ...

Ken Wallace

Fenn 01:37:52
Dean Gardner

Fenn 01:38:12
Rob Pomie

Fenn 01:38:14
Jeremy Cotter

XLR8 01:39:20
Peter Ridley

V10 01:39:56
Guy Andrews

V10 01:41:09
Mick Waide

V10 01:42:33
Mike Murray

RED 7 01:42:39
Trent Robinson

V10 01:43:27
Ian Rowlings

Stealth Spec 01:44:00
Brad Stokes

V10 01:44:24
Rob Dorrough

V10 01:45:32
Matt Carter

RED 7 01:46:36
Jody Zerbst

Fenn 01:47:12

Rambo and Partner in crime Rod Clarkie from Echuca in Victoria (up holidaying with his family at Mooloolaba) decided we would do the race on a Zulu OC2 made by Zulu Surf Spears on the Gold Coast Qld, the idea being to have some fun and give the Skis a run for their money.

The wind surprised us all and blew 15 - 20kts N - NE ... purrrfect for surfing conditons all the way to Currimbin. 26.15kms in 2 hrs 10 mins

Clarkie and i decided to take the longer shoreline route and have fun catching bumps in the OC2 rather than race for placing..... And catch bumps we did, as can be seen in the video below.

I had two Cams running ... one on the front Ama pointing rearwards at Clarkie and one on the rear Ama pointing forwards. At the start of the video you can see us catch Mark (from Zulu Surfspears) and he follows us most of the way.

You can clearly see the enjoyment on Clarkies face when we take the run of the day at the end of the video, or was that left over from Geelongs (footy Grand Final) win on Saturday? :roll: We had hundreds of runs like this the whole way and some big SAVES. Just to keep Clarkie happy we even portaged 200metres crossing the bar at Currumbin Ck (low tide).

Big thanks to Mrs Clarkie and the kids for being our land based escorts and picking us up at the other end .. top lady you got there Clarkie and 3 very patient teenage daughters also. And thank you too Clarkie for being my able Co-pilot.

Enough of that, here's the vid and our race statistics.

Cheers Rambo

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Comment by paulm on October 02, 2007

Hey Rambo,
Always full value visiting your blog. Good on yer for racing the 3rd race of the Gold Coast Desalination Surf Ski Series. How about coming over to Dubai and race in the Dubai Shamaal in Nov. I'm sure we can find a spot to put your head down, after a few frosties!!!!

Paul Mauger - Temp Dubai resident

Comment by Rambo on October 03, 2007

Mate i would love to come to Dubai. I'm hoping to win the Epic V10 Special and free entry in Robs Shamaal competition and so are 10,000 others i suppose. The boys are doing a great job of running the series in your absence, even have a full time BBQ cook now. (thanks Jim)

Are you sure Dubai is ready for Rambo?? Ha-ha.

Cheers Rambo

Anonymous on October 10, 2007

The vid was a great hit at the after party for the 50km Echuca mini last Saturday Rambo. Wendy Noonan and I snatched line honors on the Zulu. Must of been all that training on holidays with you at Mooloolaba. Had a great time and learnt alot about the ocean.

Anonymous on October 10, 2007


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