Hamilton Island 2008 OC1 OC2 Outrigger Race - Video

Friday, October 10, 2008 / Posted by Rambo /

Grab the Popcorn and Coke, sit back and let "RowdyHeadCam" bring you a unique perspective of the Hamilton Island 2008 Oc1/Oc2 Round Island race. Live mid race interviews from a Surf Ski with some of Australia's top male paddlers, the likes of Pete Dorries, Travis Grant, Lats and Rob Pommie.

Playback Tip - if you have a slow broadband connection start the video then pause it till it downloads to your PC, then it will play uninterrupted. As usual, Sound up LOUD

Episode 2 coming online soon and the complete Series will be available in HQ DVD for your future viewing pleasure.

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Anonymous on October 12, 2008

Good Job Cecil, "He who must not be named" was excellent as the narrator. I see your old Hurricane was taken out of mothballs for the occassion, I guess Peggie didn't like the look of those rocks that took out around seven rudders in that race. Look forward to the next installment and good luck with your passion for filmaking at the Cook Islands.


Anonymous on November 10, 2008

Hi Rambo,

great job, nice use of effects.

I think that you are slowly developing a standard for open ocean paddling reporting - true pioneering - I love it.

GoPro promised to send me a few cameras which I wanted to use for boat reviews. They seem to have forgotten about it; do you have a reliable contact at GoPro that you would recommend for follow up ?



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