Moffat Run - The Video

Saturday, October 20, 2007 / Posted by Rambo /

You want lines ..... this video has more lines than the movie "Scarface"

I've upped the Quality on this one, so the file is bigger but worth it. These runs are super fast.

As always, let it download first before playing for stutter free playback.

Turn up the sound, snort a line and enjoy the ride

Play here for full screen size

or Download WMV file here and play on your computer offline.

As posted by me on Ausoutrigger Forum about the above run.

Just a quick report as i'm tired.

The short story is it was awesome, but a handful. Andy took Carties very close and got cleaned up. Slossie's gone in to help him and gets hit with a rogue wave and his canoe (borrowed from Katey) goes up on the rocks. Toddy and i go to rescue Slossie and Andy, retrieve them ok. Amanda turns up and says a few choice words to Andy. In the mean time the others start to arrive and we do a head count. Johnnos missing. Toddy and i wait until dark on the water at Carties (impossible to attempt to paddle back) ... still no Johnno. Amanda finds Andy's canoe in the bay at Mooloolaba and paddles 2 canoes stacked on top of each other back to the rivermouth, one leg straddled over each and in 25 kt winds draw stroking because she cannot steer either.

Andrew and Slossie retrieve the canoe from the rocks (has holes in it but still in one piece) and we all return to the club compound in the dark to find still no Johnno. Just a i hopped in the car to notify coast guard, Johnno walks across the road from the beach with canoe on shoulder and half a paddle. Apparently it broke at Currimundi reef less than half way into the Moffat run. He paddled the remainder with 1 foot of shaft.

All 16 canoes accounted for and we all go home relieved. I'm in awe that all the girls on the run handled the conditions like true waterwoman. That was a mean ocean out there.

Have 2 hrs of quality video and looks awesome.

I'm going to bed.

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Comment by Mindy on October 20, 2007

Wow Rambo the quality of the video is great. Looks like a blast out there.

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