Race 1 SQ OC1 Series

Sunday, August 19, 2007 / Posted by Rambo /

Excellent start to the Sq Series with a 10-15kt SE blowing and no leftover effect from NE's from the last few days. Approx 120 paddlers turned up for the long and short course and all were keen to make the most of the conditions. I wasn't there for the short course so someone else will have to fill in the details. No results as yet but i think everyone enjoyed their downwind paddle from Moffats to Mooloolaba.

The race started from the beach which is unusual for a Moffats Run, as there is normally a sizable shore break, but all was fine and we turned a buoy dropped 1.5k out from shore and then it was downwind all the way to Mooloolaba.

The OC1 woman left 15mins earlier as did the 6 SUP paddlers and 1 dog.

First to the turn buoy were the likes of Rowdy, Maynard, Lemmo and Darren Humberstone (down from Canoe Point) and the OC2's of Phil Thistlewood/Mick Smith and the good looking crew of Cameron/Hollywood (there were notable others, but hey i was racing too and needed to focus).

The Mooloolaba Oc2 crew of Kat Sullivan and partner provided the excitement for the day by flipping just in front of me at the turn buoy and i captured it perfectly on the "Rambo AmaCam TM" see video below. From there on, it was perfect but small surfing conditions all the way to Pt Cartwright and the field soon spread out as the "Bump Kings" turned it on.

One by one they crossed the finish line and of course the front runners had caught and passed the SUPS who would have liked more wind to assist their bump chasing. As yet i don't have any results, no doubt they will follow soon from the fabulous SQ Series Committee and their helpers on the day. On behalf of every paddler a big thank you to the organizers and we look forward to the next race at Coffs on the 8th and 9th of Sept.

My own race data is set out below and the only thing i prolly would have done different would have been my effort to the 1st buoy, i deliberately held back in that leg (as evident in the 1st 10 mins of heart rate data) but in hindsight should have sprinted the 1.5k to be in a position where i could have taken advantage of a downwind situation once around the buoy. This is where you can put serious metres on the opposition if they are still on the non assisted leg. Still i think i won my division.

My Race Data (Click to enlarge)

Kats OC2 Huli (turn on the sound )

Go here http://blip.tv/file/344757 if no can play

More Videos of the race to follow



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