My New Tripod Mount for Hurricane

Sunday, May 06, 2007 / Posted by Rambo /

Here is the new tripod mount i have made for the Hurricane. It is completely adjustable from 1 - 1.5 metres high, the head rotates 360 degrees and tilts up and down, i can lay it back or lay it over to the ama so it shoots the paddler side on or from the rear or face it rearwards to capture the paddlers behind me. I'm also attaching a mouth operated record on/off switch, so i can control it by biting on it.

The whole thing stays permanently attached to a spare iako and only needs the seat track screw removed to dismantle it.

I have also put a hood on the waterproof housing to shade the lens and this has improved the picture quality out of sight. I can now shoot video at a closer angle to the sun without exposure problems.

I've shot some footage and am impressed, the perspective is perfect. Sound is still a problem as every vibration is transmitted to the mic even though the housing is mounted too 50mm foam.

Footage will be up shortly.

Cheers Rambo

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Comment by GoPro on May 09, 2007

Looking good, Rambo! And good a couple of weeks we're releasing a downloadable patch update for the camera that gives a second sound setting you can choose for high vibration events like this. The sound break up issue will be solved.

In addition, the video (already good) will be even faster and smoother.

This will be a free download from - you will run the patch with your camera plugged into your USB port and the update will occur.

We're also working on headstrap, helmet and flat surface mounts. These will make your innovative video efforts significantly more convenient! But we must say...your own mounts are VERY impressive. WAY TO GO!

Thanks for GoingPro, Rambo. Sign up for our newsletter on and you'll receive an email when the update patch is available (as well as new product, etc.)

Comment by Rambo on May 09, 2007

That's fantastic news GoPro, looking forward to trying the updated firmware.
Next on my wish list is a wireless remote control to operate the function and shutter buttons, that would be way cool. Also a second or third camera capturing different angles would enhance the final movie content. And lastly a wide angle lens to open up more of the action ....hahaaaa, but maybe that's going beyond the scope of what is in my opinion, a simple, affordable and waterproof solution to capture and publish my crazy activities. Now i just need a few more "being smashed" type days, without the equipment damage.

Thank you GoPro, for an already excellent little camera.

Cheers Rambo

Comment by Marek on August 19, 2007

A great looking tripod ...

Outrigger canoe with amas is a good photography/video platform. It is much more challenging to mount a similar tripod or monopod on a narrow surfski or racing kayak.

Comment by Rambo on August 19, 2007

Absolutely Marek, the tripod can also be layed over or back to increase the field of view. It's also able to be mounted at the ama, facing back to the main hull for technique sessions. Cheers Rambo

Eric on May 05, 2008

I'm curious, can you describe how you developed the mouth-operated switch to get the camera to start/stop recording? I just ordered this camera and can't wait to start developing videos just like you've done!

Thanks for the great ideas Rambo.


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